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Preventing Chronic Back Pain: It Doesn’t Have To Slow You Down

One of the most common health complaints suffered by millions of Americans over virtually all age demographics is back pain. Since the back (spine) is so relied upon for virtually all actions, motion, and stability, this type of chronic pain negatively affects virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Your chiropractor in Chicago is specially trained in helping alleviate your chronic back pain but, as with all health conditions, a little prevention goes a long way. Past back pain issues are likely to recur again without due diligence. Below are some chiropractic tips on how to start preventing chronic back pain.

Get exercise: Any intensity of activity is better than no activity. Go for a walk, jog, or run. Play your favorite sport, swing the clubs or lift light weights. Whatever you do, make sure to also include plenty of stretching and exercises that are specifically geared toward strengthening your back muscles. Yoga and Pilates are amazing for this. In fact, I recommend both in my rehabilitative regimens for my patients recovering from injury. It acts as a preventative measure, too!

Watch your seated posture: Most of us tend to hunch or slouch while sitting without even thinking about it. Make a conscious effort to sit up straighter. If your job requires prolonged periods of sitting, keep your shoulders back and make sure you are using a chair that provides adequate back support. Get up and move around regularly, too.

Practice proper lifting techniques: You’ve been hearing this piece of advice for years probably, but if you are getting older it’s even more important to lift heavy objects the right way or better yet, don’t lift them at all if it can be avoided! Too many of us are still bending over to lift: and it only takes one bad incident to send our backs out of whack. If you must lift something heavy, bend your knees and keep your back straight.

Rethink your footwear: Yes, those high-heels are fashionable but they are probably wreaking havoc on your back. Low-heeled shoes that provide excellent support are a much more sensible option. In addition, customized orthotics can support bad arches which can also be the cause of back pain.

If you tend to have back problems, your Chicago chiropractor is your best resource for helping to alleviate that pain naturally and without the need for invasive surgeries or pain killers which merely mask the pain. Preventing chronic back pain can save you from a painful road ahead. Recall that age-old chestnut: a little prevention goes a long way.

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