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In Combination



Chiropractic care and massage therapy are both well known commodities. The chiropractor’s main focus is the neuroskeletal system and the joints, while massage interests itself with the muscles. Typically, the public is exposed to one or the other forms of treatment.

For two decades, we have utilized a treatment protocol which has been dubbed The Combo. This involves a focused massage (typically 30 minutes) of a region(s) of particular clinical concern, followed by chiropractic adjustments to those regions. The effect is to first address the muscular and myofascial components (superficial), and then the skeletal/nervous components (deep) in succession. Working deeper into the issues that are causing pain and dysfunction are akin to peeling layers of an onion; getting down to what is truly at the root of the problem.

It some cases, The Combo may offer improved circulation, increased mobility, and even faster recovery. Dr. Halliday will determine if this approach is right for you.