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Stress Reduction: The Key To Improving Your Quality (and Quantity) Of Life

You wake up in the morning and your car won’t start. You’re in such a rush, you decide to skip breakfast and opt for coffee instead. You run to catch the bus. Traffic is so heavy that you arrive late for your morning meeting at which your boss is present. And all this before 9:00 a.m.!

This is STRESS. It’s not unusual for all people at some time in their lives to experience it’s effects. It is, after all, a natural response. In time of old, it was essentially a fight or flight mechanism when we encountered danger, our adrenal glands pumped out hormones that stimulated the muscles, brain, and senses to act accordingly. This response, however, was meant to occur only on rare and completely necessary occasions. Today, it is not uncommon for this response to occur many times per day, and last for hours at a time! The result is a huge tax on the body muscle tension, mental fatigue, dulled senses, weight gain, and toxin production leading to pain. Aside from avoiding stress altogether (good luck!), what can be done.

1. Chicago Chiropractic/Massage Therapy to ease muscle/nerve tension
2. Exercise especially aerobic/cardiovascular
3. Stress reduction techniques meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc
4. Healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, fluids, low in caffeine, refined sugars, saturated fats
5. Supplements


1. Antioxidants vitamin A, C, and E (to reduce free radical damage secondary to stress)
2. B Complex vitamins essential nutrients for reducing physical and mental stress
3. Calcium Magnesium relaxes stressed muscles
4. Herbs i. Chamomile & Ginger soothes overstressed organs
ii. Valerian promotes restful sleep
I hope this helps.

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