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For the Squeamish Chiropractic Neo-Patient

This is your guy. Dr Halliday is so gentle and warm, he’ll make you feel totally at ease. I had reservations about chiropractic, but his approach and demeanor made my experience so pleasant. His office is beautiful and his staff are sweet and helpful. I felt fabulous upon leaving the office and promptly referred my husband and sister-in-law, both of whom have suffered for years with backaches. I suspect they’ll soon be leaving their praise on these pages also. Well done, Dr Halliday, and Thanks.

Alexis C

Really Great Experience

I was very nervous because I’ve never seen a chiropractor before, but he made me feel really comfortable. When I left, I felt amazing! I will tell all my family and friends!

Nicky P

Nina is Awesome

Massage therapists are a dime-a-dozen but good massage therapists are worth a fortune. Nina is one of the latter. I sincerely recommend her brand of massage therapy to anyone with back pain, neck pain or headaches. Not just the poke and prod kind she gets it done with stretching and loosening up the joints plus she’s got an amazing touch.


Professional and Effective

At least 20 visits at my former chiropractor and 20 at a physical therapist and I could barely lift my arm. Six treatments from Doctor Halliday and I could pitch the All-Star Game. Amazing results, knows his stuff, and not a schister, either. You won’t be disappointed. Not a lifetime commitment (though I’ll be back).


Dr. Halliday is Excellent

Dr. Halliday knows his stuff. I’ve seen many chiropractors, and he is by far the most skilled and kindest.


Doc has a great touch and kind demeanor

Doc Halliday has been my chiropractor for almost 4 yrs and I feel very comfortable referring all of my family and friends to him. His staff is also warm and caring. I’ve had many aches and pain, spills and such and he’s always gotten me through them.


Warm & Wonderful

You know how sometimes you feel rushed in a Doctor’s office Like they have more important things to do than to take care of you Not here Dr. Halliday is a super listener and his hands should be encased in gold! His staff takes the time to play with my 5 year old while I’m getting treated, and make him feel so comfortable, he always wants to come with me when I go! Highly-recommended!

Elsie S.

Not pushy like some chiropractors, but gets you fixed fast

Coming from the burbs, I needed to find a chiro to continue my treatments fast. I looked on a few sites and found Citysearch which recommended this great doctor just a few blocks from my house. Doctor Halliday is so much better than my last chiropractor (and that’s saying alot because she was goooood). He doesn’t push a ton of visits on me which I like because I don’t have time for 30+ visits in a row. He just gets you fixed and says come back now and then for a tune-up or at the first sign of a problem.